By most definitions mental retardation is more accurately considered a disability rather than a disease. There is no specific medication for mental retardation.

There are thousands of agencies around the world that provide assistance for people with developmental disabilities. They include state-run non-profit agencies and local NGOs. There are programs/workshops for parents that assist them with raising their children. Beyond that there are specific programs that people with developmental life skills. These goals but the ultimate goal is independence. The goal may ranges from tooth brushing to independent residence. People with developmental disabilities learn throughout their lives and can obtain many new skills even late in life with the help of their parents, siblings and caretakers.

My Humble appeal

“The first thing you need to do is to train yourself not to use the phrase “Mentally retarded”. Use the term “People with intellectual disability”. Put the “People” First. That will be the best thing you can start doing because using such a language will enhance my dignity as a person and will make me feel respected as a human being.