Success Stories

Dhara …! Down syndrome, hyperactive in early childhood. Parents have accepted reality spontaneously. Likings in performing arts …! Contacted teacher for her likings in Tabala…! Teacher: “??????” Let’s try…..! Today four certificates are in her hand Prarambhik…Praveshika …Praveshika Purna…Madhyama…! Still pursuing for dizzy heights…! “ Jaha Chah hai vanha rah hai …”

Nikunj …! Parents came to the school with distress …! “Oh…” Little heart was denying accepting the place. But the mind was calm and docile. Today Nikunj is a leader of group who makes, markets and distributes paper bowls with zeal and enthusiasm figuring out the profit with calculator …! For any miscellaneous work, teacher shouts “ NNNikkkuuujjj…!”“ Jaha Chah hai vanha rah hai …”

Nadeem …! Parents wandered every nook and place but not found any place where their little child can adjust himself. Parent appealed to accommodate the child. So hefty and full of nerve… like a cricketer…! and really proved as a cricketer in a Paralympics held in China – 2006. Father really respects Nadeem “…Now I am being known as a father of Nadeem …!” “ Jaha Chah hai vanha rah hai …”

Nischal …! Hyperactive and with developmental disorder…! Life became like disfavor for parent …! Today the inspiring source of not only his parent but also the parents of “Kalrav Family”…! So calm and obedient…! Pursuing all day-today work of family-run business gifting one person salary to a family…!“ Jaha Chah hai vanha rah hai …”

Anish…! Very moody and dismal…! Observation and treatment make him calm and put him on his mettle..! Became National Champion in table-tennis and foot-ball and today selected to receive training as an Assistant Coach “ Jaha Chah hai vanha rah hai …”

My Humble appeal

“The first thing you need to do is to train yourself not to use the phrase “Mentally retarded”. Use the term “People with intellectual disability”. Put the “People” First. That will be the best thing you can start doing because using such a language will enhance my dignity as a person and will make me feel respected as a human being.